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Provincial Council:
SDB Delegate:
Fr. Hugh Preston SDB
FMA Delegate: Sister Mary Treacy FMA
Coordinator: Jessica Wilkinson
Secretary: Bernard O’Neill
Treasurer: Bob Kiszczuk
Formation: Mabel Kaluba, (missing from pic below)
European Link: Elaine Holland & Edith Lucas

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New Cooperator

On Sunday 14th May, the day after the feast of St Mary Mazzarello and on a beautiful sunny day, Mary Biddle, from Kendal was enrolled as a Salesian Cooperator.  Sr Connie Cameron FMA, the Provincial, presented Mary, having known her and worked with her for many years.  Jessica Wilkinson, the current Provincial Coordinator for the Cooperators, was delighted to be there to celebrate with Mary, her husband Iain, several Salesian Sisters, Fr Michael Cunningham SDB and Salesian friends in Blundellsands.


Thanks to the sisters for their kind hospitality.  We congratulate Mary and thank her for responding to God’s call to serve the young and the poor as a Salesian Cooperator.


India 2017

A big focus on art this year during the trip to Kolkata as we helped the Don Bosco Ashalayam boys and the Don Bosco Night School boys prepare for their very first art exhibition.

Father Tom Uzhunnalil

March 30, 2016
Government officials in India have reportedly received a ransom note from the Islamic State, demanding millions of dollars for the safe return of Father Tom Uzhunnalil, the Salesian priest who was abducted in Yemen earlier this month.
Since Father Uzhunnalil (who is a native of India) was seized in a brutal attack on a nursing home in Aden, there have been no reliable reports about his condition or his whereabouts. For several days, rumors have circulated that he was crucified by his captors on Good Friday. Both his Salesian superiors and the apostolic vicar of Yemen have sought to squelch those rumors, emphasizing that they believe the priest remains alive.

An Invitation via Fr. Francis Preston:

Dear Fr Francis,
I am Fr Nicola Ciarapica who, on behalf of the group of Salesian Cooperators in Matadi,  is sending the letter in attachment. 
The letter should be made known to the different Salesian Cooperators groups of your Province ... I could see  from the directory that you are also the Delegate for the Salesian Family.
They would like to share with the Cooperators in England testimonies. projects, initiatives’ ... practically the mission.
Thanks Fr Francis.  Happy preparation for the feast of Don Bosco.
Fr Nicola

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Don Bosco,
                The Salesian Co-operators of the Mission in Matadi - Monrovia – Liberia, together with the Salesian Delegate of our group  Fr Nicola Ciarapica who told us about you, are writing this letter.  Since November 2014 we started a formation journey and on the 3rd February 2016 seven of us will make the promise at the presence of the Rector Major Fr Angel Artime who will come to celebrate the feast of Don Bosco in Liberia.
                While each one of us personally tries to live the spirit of Don Bosco in his/her family, at work places, in the Parishes, in the Salesian environment, we planned to start together as a group of Salesian Co-operators a number of initiatives for the benefit of the young people of Matadi that is the quarter of Monrovia where we live.
                While in 2015 we made ourselves available to support the organization of scholarships especially for boys and girls, who bear the burden of the consequences of the Ebola Virus contagious: orphans, children of single mothers, or abandoned children  ... Now we want to engage in agricultural projects for production of food and fish. Among the objectives together with the production of food, we can create jobs opportunities and generate fund for scholarships.
In our Matadi quarter 70% of the people have not stable work, live in swamp area, in houses made by zinc sheets, they have  no electricity nor even clean drinking water.  Many boys and girls in age of kindergarten and even in age of school education remain at home because their families do not have the economic income to afford the payment of scholastic fees.  The school of the Salesian Mission Mary Help of Christians Catholic School has already all classes filled. We want to organize a kindergarten school in the morning and in the evening classes for drop outs. In the past years the Salesians have built drinking water wells with hand pumps and entrusted them to local communities. We would provide the water wells where there are not yet.

  • The cost of scholarship for a student is                                                                      250.00 US Dollars per year;
  • The cost of a water well and is                                                                                   2,000.00 US Dollars;
  • The cost of a protected ‘Green house’ for vegetables production is         10,000.00 US Dollars;
  • The cost for building a fish pool is                                                                             5,000.00 UD Dollars.

                The projects are carried on with partnership of Holy Innocent Matadi Foundation, an NGO that the Salesians have created here in Liberia, and with Don Bosco Youth Net, another NGO created by the Salesian Province AFW Anglophone West Africa.  
                We ask you to collaborate on these projects for the benefit of the children in need in Matadi, according to your abilities and possibilities; even your prayer is highly welcomed.
                We are confident of your tangible collaboration. We wait for your reply also to arrange how your donation reaches us in Liberia.
                May Don Bosco guide and protect us always in our dedication to these children who truly are among the most in need.   Your help will allow us to be caring fathers and mothers and with you to show to them the love of God our Father.


Reports of Meetings
Strenna 2015
Now that we have arrived at this month of June at the end of the school year in one hemisphere, I have been asked, as has happened on previous occasions, to provide a preview or a draft of the Strenna for 2015. Naturally the subject will be expanded and developed in a circular letter at the end of this current year. Very willingly I am offering this preview in the hope that throughout the Salesian Family it may serve, as it is intended to be: simply an anticipated indication of what when the time comes will be given in the traditional way to our sisters, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and to all the Salesian Family.
Click Here for the outline of this draft in PDF Form
100 Club

100 CLUB Latest results are HERE
This is the only income stream at present, besides the subscriptions we receive from the Centres, that contributes towards the Provincial Council’s expenses.
The Council have been very prudent over the past few years and have curtailed its expenditure towards the reducing income. We have engaged, at no cost to the Association, the new website and the publication of the Magazine to provide the Cooperators and the Centres with a means of promoting the Association in its outreach to the Cooperators and in its endeavours to attract new members.
50% of the income is provided in prizes each monthly draw
Please promote the 100 Club and complete the application available HERE and return to the address stated on the form.

Salesian Family Congress, Rome, Jan 16-19 2014

Resume of the Salesian Family Congress, Rome, Jan 16-19 2014 Submitted by Bernard O'Neill
Rome Pic

Cooperators Magazine
The latest Magazine is the Winter 2013 edition. Available in PDF by clicking on the icon below:
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A Swatch Journey through Lent: 60 Reflections for Young People

LentenSwatch Lenten Reflections Swatch

Lenten Reflections on the Sunday Gospels by MT Winstanley SDB
Lenten Reflections

Don Bosco Letter
DB's Letter about Good Books, submitted by Tony Bailey









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